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Your Pool Care

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Algae Treatment

Blackspot Killers Chlorine Savers


Treating your pool regularly with a High-Strength Algaecide will prevent & kill Green, Mustard, & even Black Algae as well as save you $$$ on Other chemicals

Pool Block & Pool Drops are the easiest, most cost-efficient Algaecide on the market, and will save you money on your pool.




Don't let this happen to your pool this winter!



Don't simply turn the filter off and forget the pool for 3 or 4 months. This is false economy because the time, effort and money needed to get the pool water correctly adjusted next season, will be far more than the little needed to maintain it during winter.



1 . Thoroughly backwash the filter. Ensure that the skimmer basket and hair and lint pot are free of debris. Lubricate all o-rings with a silicone based lubricant.

2. Adjust the Total Alkalinity level with sodium bicarbonate. This should be between 125-180ppm.

3. Adjust the pH to 7.2 to 7.6
Remember, always add the acid to the water and never in amounts more than 500 mls.


4. Superchlorinate ask us about amounts of chlorine you must add.


5. Treat with a high-strength Algaecide such as Pool Drops or Pool Blocks


6. Run Pump & Filter daily for 2-3 hours.

7. Check Chlorine levels every 1-2 weeks to maintain 1ppm Free Chlorine

If the pool is equipped with a salt chlorinator, clean the cell with a recognised salt cell cleaner. Adjust the control to the 1/2 production setting. It will be necessary to check the chlorine level in the pool for the next 2 weeks, to ensure that there is a constant level of 

1 - 2 available chlorine at all times. The production control on the salt chlorinator may have to be adjusted to increase or decrease its output.


After carrying out these procedures, it should only be necessary to check the chlorine level every 2 weeks and empty the skimmer basket if it has a build up of leaves etc.


Check occasionally to ensure the water level is half way up the skimmer box opening and that the pressure gauge on the filter is not indicating backwash.


This simple procedure will ensure that your pool will be ready for the first warm days of next summer. 





POOL BLOCKS All Seasons Algicide are a unique, highly effective, long term algicide treatment consisting of five 300g slow release tablets in each 1.5 Kg container. To treat an average 50,000 litre pool, simply add two (2) blocks initially to the skimmer basket for pools with an existing algae problem followed by just one (1) block per month to provide long term protection against all forms of algae growth. POOL BLOCKS provide an entire four month treatment period initially, then last five months as a year round 'first step' against all algae growth and provide savings on your chemical costs and reduce your filtration running time. In larger pools of 75,000 litres, simply add three blocks initially followed by one block every three weeks thereafter, or in smaller pools the individual tablets may be halved and added as shown on the the label.    
The active constituent is a natural trace element, an ionic copper salt which is strongly complexed to prevent reactions with chlorine. They contain our secret food grade non actives which makes the algicide more effective at very low concentrations. Once dissolved in the pool water as per directions, they treat the water at less than the Australian Standard for private swimming pool water quality and also less than the Australian and WHO standards for drinking water, so they can be used year round. POOL BLOCKS effectively control all types of algae including green, blackspot and mustard algae in fibreglass, vinyl lined, tiled, painted and pebblecrete swimming pools. Once all algae is eliminated, chlorine is more efficient at performing it's principal task of destroying bacteria as there is much less organic material present in the water to consume the excess sanitiser. This provides substantial chlorine savings in both summer and winter and the pool water sparkles with exceptional clarity compared to all other treatments. They store for many years at full strength and only become active when dissolved in the pool water, keeping pools clean with less vacuuming, filtration and salt chlorinator running time which saves electricity and makes your pool maintenance a breeze.
The key to the success of POOL BLOCKS is the simplicity of adding a regular monthly algicide treatment, this maintains an effective constant low level of algicide in the water all year round. This acts as a 'first line of defence' against all algae problems which can occur quickly in untreated pools. Chlorine is a very short term treatment designed to kill bacteria and the free chlorine level can be lost in just a few hours leaving the pool prone to algae growth and damaging wall based algae can quickly take hold without the protection of a long term algicide treatment. Research has shown that a low level of free chlorine is more effective with a low level of algicide present in the water and less chlorine is wasted on organic material. For best results, the pH should be maintained within the correct range of 7.2 to 7.6 (7.2 is ideal and makes your sanitiser most efficient); this is a simple task especially in fibreglass, vinyl lined, tiled and sealed pools where the natural pH of the pool surface is neutral. 

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POOL DROPS Plus Liquid Algicide  is a highly effective, long term liquid algicide treatment specially designed to provide pool owners with the simplest 'once a season' application. Simply pour this concentrated algicide as per directions around the outside edge of the pool (with the filter running) and the water is then treated for an entire three month season. They eliminate all types of free floating, wall based and blackspot algae, saving substantial amounts of chlorine and other pool chemicals. Customers say they far outperform all standard strength liquid algicides.


The key to the outstanding performance of POOL DROPS Plus over all other standard strength liquid algicides is the extended treatment period of an entire season, compared to just a few weeks in the case of weaker products. They are a concentrated formulation containing around twice the active ingredient of standard algicides and are specially formulated with a blend of chelating agents to create one of the most stable products available. This extra long term performance is the result of being very resistant to break down by chlorine and other pool chemicals, UV from sunlight, elevated water temperatures and elevated pH level as is common in concrete pools in particular. The additional active ingredient stays in the water longer and results in an extended treatment period even in the most testing climatic conditions, in heated pools or where pool owners want the least effort in their pool care. 


POOL DROPS Plus are especially effective over the  widest pH range of 7.2 through to 7.9 and perform well in conditions where all other competitive products fail. This is especially the case in pools with alkaline wall surfaces such as concrete, pebblecrete and marblesheen where the pH is difficult to maintain in the ideal range. They work exceptionally well in all types of swimming pools where a long term 'once per season' application  is preferred. As an all seasons algicide, POOL DROPS Plus are also an excellent winteriser in the non-swimming months as the product remains active in the water for many months on end without the need for repeated doses within the treatment period. In the summer months, they naturally excel as an effective chlorine saver as free chlorine levels are not wasted on algae control.


Simply pour POOL DROPS Plus around the deep end of the swimming pool with the filter running and mark the date of application on the panel provided on the brochure to keep track of the treatment period. Looking after your pool could not be more simple. They also work well in spas, water features and fountains where a long term algae treatment is required.   



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