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Aquamaid Salt Chlorinators


Aquamaid have been manufacturing salt chlorinators in Australia since 1970. We have a proven history of producing solid, long-lasting chlorinators; and also take great pride sourcing the majority of the materials used in the production of our salt chlorinators from Australian manufacturers.Made In Australia

Aquamaid Salt Chlorinator

The Aquamaid 2001 Salt Chlorinator is designed to provide a far more effective and natural way of sanitizing domestic and commercial pools and spas.

The unit consists of a flow-switch, an electrolytic cell and a power pack. The electrolytic cell and flow switch are installed in-line after the pool filter and heating system.

As water flows through the electrolytic cell, salt is converted into chlorine, (Sodium Hypochlorite). Once the chlorine has performed its function; eliminating harmful bacteria and algae, the salt is re-formed.

The electrode's large surface area makes the Aquamaid Cell one of the most reliable in the world. The clear cell housing allows for easy inspection of electrodes. A well-maintained cell may easily last up to 10 years.

Chlorine production is controlled by either altering the filtration time, or a simple adjustment on the power pack.

The control box has a safety interlink and an outlet for your pool pump to plug into.



The Aquagem power pack works on the same principles as the Aquamaid 2001 Salt Chlorinator, with the added advantage of providing a self-cleaning function for the cell. This reduces the amount of maintenance required by the owner, giving you extra time to enjoy your pool or spa.











  • Power pack - 10 year limited warranty Conditions Apply
  • Cell - 2 years + 3 year prorata Conditions Apply


    The Aquamaid RH Controller is available to control the amount of chlorine you nominate for your pool or spa, no matter how long the pump filter runs. Ideal for spas and indoor pools.


    A Typical Salt-Chlorination System:



    There are many reasons why an Aquamaid Salt Chlorinator is better than using chlorine chemical additives.


  • Economical - There is no need to add chlorine based chemicals to your pool any more.
  • Fast - Chlorination of your pool or spa occurs while the pump is running.
  • Safe - Natural salt is used in the process, a non-hazardous material.
  • Healthy - The mild antiseptic properties of salt chlorinated water help to eliminate sore eyes and ears and help to soothe many skin conditions.
  • Clean - The water is crystal clear as the electrolytic cell removes unwanted chemicals such as calcium, copper and other heavy metals.
  • Simple - Aquamaid operates from the home power supply and can be left unattended for weeks


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